If you are looking for a specialist recruitment partner for all things Technical, look no further

Your Partners in Technical Recruitment

Recruitment agencies are utilized frequently these days, but how many of them really understand your industry?

JG Technical are not just your ordinary recruiter, we’re part of the wider James Grace Associates Group, specifically building brilliant connections between specialists and companies that need help managing an ever-growing technical demand. That’s what we do on paper - but what really drives us is finding the absolute best - the most passionate - industry professionals who can make a real difference in the industry. To us, our specialists are more than just numbers on the sheet, or bodies in seats. These are hard-working, introspective professionals who are currently at the pinnacle of their career or climbing the ladder. We look solely for people who know their worth - and who companies can hire safe in the knowledge that they’re keeping up to increasing demand.

But, that’s a given - let’s break things down even further.



We Partner With Big Names

We’ve spent enough time working within our niches to have made firm connections, with brands and businesses, who are at the top of their games. While we niche down and fight for tighter spheres and specialisms, we’re in touch with specialists who help us to make fantastic connections. Right now, JG Technical makes connections across the UK and into Europe. Industry experts working cross-continent now have easier access than ever to the next stepping stones they need to progress in their careers. We’re all about making things specific and specialised. By working with big names, and partnering with household brands and businesses, we’re in a great position to show specialists how much of a difference they could make to the wider world. What’s more, we’re in an even better position to show big brands the worth in hiring specialists who genuinely care about what they do.








We Thrive on Referrals

Over the years, our specialist recruiters have built up an impressive database of industry professionals. How? It’s all about referrals. We bring together experts who might otherwise slip through the net. Highly talented, hard-working experts who, through traditional recruitment, might not be so easy to spot. We work closely with our specialists so that we know who to pitch to, for the best roles and positions. Whether temporary, permanent or contract, we know who to pitch, and which introductions to make. This is through years of careful commercial matchmaking in a rapidly-expanding industry!








Our mission is to forge lasting partnerships providing progressive recruitment solutions for companies on a National basis, operating within our chosen sectors. James Grace Associates will work in synergy with our clients, providing a world-class recruitment service that is transparent and creative. By establishing ourselves as experts within our chosen sectors and remaining agile in our approach we will create an industry-leading business that is recognised as being dedicated to providing exceptional results.


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